Best Receipt Organizer

The best receipt organizer that is available today is made by Neat. No other brands or models can match their ingenuity, features or ease of use. The Neat receipt organizer is the leader because they invented and developed the technology that all the other brands copy but can’t equal. It makes scanning all your documents, receipts, business cards recipes and bills a breeze.

What Features Make Up the Best Receipt Organizer?

The Neat receipt organizer has the features that people want and use:

  • All in one scanning
  • Can scan business cards, receipts, documents and letters all at the same time
  • Searchable database of documents that you scan in
  • Exportable formats to Quicken, PDFs, Turbo Tax, Quick Books, Excel and more
  • 24 pages per minute scanning ability
  • Push of one button scanning
  • Neat custom software to help to get organized
  • Double sided scanning capability

Best Receipt OrganizerBenefits of a Receipt Organizer

Using the best receipt organizer will make many time consuming tasks much easier. For tax preparation purposes, all of your receipts will be in one place. No more searching through shoe boxes for a random item that you need. You’ll be able to organize all your information then electronically send it to your accountant. No more messes!

Also, keeping track of business contacts is much simpler. You just scan in their business cards then the software captures that information. You can then search for them by name, business or location to find their number or email.

Keeping an office clean of clutter is sometimes a challenge. Using the best receipt organizer can help you organize, file and clean up your desk. No more looking through piles of notes and papers trying to find that one thing you really need. Once you scan it into your computer you just have to do a quick search and you’ll find it!

So if you find yourself constantly looking for lost papers, documents and business cards you should really think about getting the best receipt organizer available. You’ll save a lot of time and energy and get more productive.